Vortex Blockchain

Infrastructure for Real-World Assets, designed for compliance

Next-generation decentralized settlement system

Petale Vortex is designed to combine the power of both public and private networks, the Vortex is a revolutionary blockchain infrastructure for a new finance.

It allows the creation and exchange of multiple classes of tokenized assets in seconds, within a framework of trusted users. This digital infrastructure is decentralized geographically and by governance to provide a reliable and transparent source to transfer value and assets in a fast, secure and autonomous network.

Sustainable, fast and
secure network

Verified addresses

Enhancing security with verified identities on the first open-finance blockchain to offer a transparent, pseudonymized and decentralized experience of asset management in a trusted environment.

Energy Efficient

The Vortex is designed with sustainability in mind, making it a blockchain infrastructure with an inherently minimized carbon footprint. All the tokens in the network already exist, which means there is no need for additional energy consumption to produce tokens.

Fast and scalable

With its hybrid architecture, the Vortex is fast and swift. Transactions are validated in milliseconds, and the network offers unlimited flexibility thanks to a next-generation blockchain that leverages the best of both public and private infrastructures.

Transaction Settlement Time

4 sec / 0.07 min 100%
120+ sec / 2 min 100%
3 600+ sec / 60 min 100%

settlement speed

Transactions for moving currencies and assets across the Vortex takes <5 sec. This speed outpaces most of current main blockchain networks

Security and

The Vortex is a resilient architecture that is resistant to cyber-attacks due to its decentralized governance and carefully selected node validators. It also provides a high level of reliability as all investors, asset managers and node validators are verified and pseudonymized to provide maximum privacy.

Asked Questions

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Yes, the Vortex is a next-generation hybrid blockchain with a decentralized node topology around the globe. The governance of the Vortex is also decentralized; the network validators are selected internationally and contribute to the evolution and security of the network. This strategy offers the Vortex both transparency and public accessibility to transactions, but also the robustness and speed of a network where trusted nodes can validate.

A permissioned blockchain is a blockchain model where participants must obtain permission to enter the network. At Petale, this permission is granted once the investor has passed KYC/KYB authentication. This model is designed to make the blockchain fast, secure and more energy efficient. With this system, transactions are securely verified, quickly executed and publicly readable because of the public record that the blockchain provides.

Nodes are one of the most important security factors for the blockchain, which is why we have decided to carefully select each of our nodes to ensure network performance. Nodes are selected from all over the world and in different sectors to ensure both geographical and governance decentralization.