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Petale Tokenization is a way to get cash
from your existing assets. 


Créate a concept

Creating a virtual card can increase your sales and access to cash. We can even help you create the card based on your assets, your business and your expectations.



Then, our support team will contact you by email to collect documents about your asset, and photos (we can also organize the photo shoot), in order to schedule the integration on the Petale marketplace.


Get cash

Once your information is confirmed, we will launch your virtual card as a new asset in the Petale marketplace and you can start accepting cash.

A new era
of financial services

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certified tokenizations



We ensure the assets recorded on Petale belong to its real holder through a KYC authentication. Once the authenticity is certified, the Petale Card can be seamlessly split and transferred in seconds.



We’re entering into a shared ownership era. By owning digital shares of a real or digital asset, become part of a community that shares the same passions. Make friends, share emotions and create communities.


Digital Cash

Traditional assets are highly illiquid. We offer a simple solution to provide digital cash to asset owners by connecting them with investors looking to diversify their portfolio while mitigating the risk of a 100% asset ownership and still earning returns.

What can be tokenized ?

Financial products

Petale’s tokenized platform brings financial products on-chain to a network of verified investors. Petale Tokenize is tailor-made for investment funds, securities and other financial products to bring transparency and operational efficiency through a secure blockchain-based infrastructure.


To help entrepreneurs to boost their business, Petale tokenizes equity to offer its community with investment opportunities in high growth companies such as start-ups or strategic industries. By tokenizing the funding channel, we facilitate access to liquidity for projects looking to raise capital on the blockchain.


Tokenized real-estate is a great way to provide liquidity to assets. With Petale, tokenized real-estate offers a simple solution for portfolio diversification. With property prices on the rise, facilitate investors access to real-estate by owning percentages of exceptional properties.

Art and luxury

The art and luxury market is a market that is driven by passion, and excellence, but is still a rather illiquid market. Petale tokenizes assets to offer investment in tokenized art and luxury to share emotions, history and culture of some of the world’s most exceptional art and luxury assets.

Digital assets

Import complete or tokenized asset into a global investment platform. As digital assets are globally becoming part of the portfolio, Petale Tokenize enables the aggregation of cryptos and digital assets into the same App.

You want to tokenize an asset and know if it's eligible ?

Asked Questions

Get in touch with us and discover the
power certified tokenizations

Tokenization is a process of transferring paper ownership to a digital form called a token. Traditionally, ownership of an asset is represented by a paper document. By transforming traditional “paper” products into “tokenized” digital products, Petale is redefining the concept of ownership to facilitate the exchange and transfer of value in a digital economy. This new paradigm not only enables the exchange of value and ownership in seconds, but also brings liquidity to previously illiquid or ubiquitous assets.

How does asset tokenization work at Petale?

Yes, with Petale, it is possible to tokenize a physical asset. Simply fill in the information requested on the “Create a card” from here. Once submitted, our team will come back to you to finalize the process.