A new era of


With Petale Pay, leverage on a sustainable digital infrastructure to spend and pay around the world with your mobile.

Instant and sustainable
digital payments


In addition to traditional payments, Petale Pay offers a sustainable solution with a digital token that provides low-energy impact payments based on a transparent


Start using a new-generation digital infrastructure that creates value from investments and shares benefits with its community.

Cut fees

The time where interchange and other payment fees took a bite in your revenues are over. With Petale Pay, fees are only a fraction of a cent.

Next generation
mobile payments

Switching Payment

As the world rapidly moves towards digital payments, we provide a powerful solution to simplify finances and payments. With Petale Pay, rapidly switch from payment methods between currencies and cryptos to pay anywhere, anytime. 


Petale Pay simplifies contactless payments with all the transparency of blockchain technology. As contactless payments rapidly gain traction, we are connecting Petale with thousands of businesses to make transactions easier.

Pay in seconds

No need to wait 2-3 business days to send money to your loved ones. With the Petale instant transfer app, you can pay back your friends and family in seconds, in Europe and all around the world.

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By using Petale Pay, you are using a blockchain infrastructure with low environmental impact, while automatically generating revenue from the real economy.

To create an asset management account, go to www.petale.com to download the application to your mobile phone. Once this is done, you can plan and organize your transactions and investments accordingly.

Simply fill up your Petale account using your credit card or by making a bank transfer from your current account.