Next generation asset management

Petale Cards are micro-DAOs for tokenized assets that redefine asset management through a simple and gamified experience. Available on the Petale App.

Micro-DAOs for assets

Petale Cards are micro-DAOs for assets. For the first time, it is able to attach any digital services to a real or a digital asset in a very simple way.

Petale Cards represent the digital passport of a real, virtual, or financial asset. Whether it is a fund, a painting, a real estate property, or an NFT, the Vortex absorbs multiple types of asset. The Petale Card then becomes a tokenized instrument that provides services and can receive money, generate dividends, or be traded.

Access exclusive

Collect rewards

The more you collect Petale Cards, the more rewards you will get. By gamifying investment, we are providing our community with exclusive rewards and bonuses that radically change the investment experience. Some Cards might also hold hidden bonuses.

Breakthrough experience

Cards provide a revolutionary experience for digital and real assets. For the first time, you can invest, own and stack-up asset shares to discover exclusive services, such as rewards, private events, or metaverse experiences based on the Cards you collect.

Earn and trade

Petale Cards open a new paradigm to fractionalize all kinds of assets. Whether you think about art masterpieces, real estate, or financial products, Petale Cards offers the possibility to invest in small fractions of exceptional assets from which you can earn cash and trade with your friends.

Portfolio diversification

Simplified asset management

Looking to invest in properties and digital assets without putting all your eggs in one basket? Discover the power of Petale Cards and the fractional ownership of multiple properties, digital collectibles, and financial products to expand your investment portfolio without needing a huge upfront capital.

asset class

Grow and diversify your portfolio by investing in Cards that target different investment sectors, industries or companies you are passionate about. Whether you’re looking to invest in art, luxury, real-estate, start-ups of the aerospace industry, Petale Cards are the best tool to diversify your portfolio by investing in multiple tokenized real-world asset classes.

Reduced settlement costs

Petale is a digital investment company that uses blockchain and AI technologies to reduce investment costs of ownership. Download the Petale App, and explore a vast range of tokenized investment opportunities in multiple sectors in just a few clicks.

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power certified tokenizations

Petale asset cards are a financial innovation that digitizes financial or ownership titles of an asset. You can now make your assets liquid with tokenization and easily trade them on Petale to receive cash. Investors will be able to buy and sell these assets with just a few clicks on the Petale App. These cards can also provide access to a number of services, ranging from returns to fractional ownership to exclusive investor events and more.

With the app, Petale has its own secondary market where you can easily sell or trade your card. It offers a dynamic funding ecosystem for investors and asset managers. On our secondary market place, you can select the amount of card you want to sell and proceed with the sale in a few clicks.

By holding a Petale Card, you can access and hold tokenized assets directly from your mobile. These cards represent shares in the underlying assets. For more information on holding tokenized assets, you will find all the legal information in the platform’s terms and conditions.